Project Description

Replacing Barnie

Lydia O’Reilley, divorce attorney, is on the fast tract to make partner until she meets a hot stranger in a bar, and one thing leads to another. The following morning she’s doing a joint deposition, and in walks Jed, the man she’d spent the night with, her new client’s soon-to-be-ex husband! As if that’s not bad enough, she learns later that the condom broke and she’s pregnant. Her perfect plans are seriously derailed, and it may take a little magic to make everything right.

‘ I’d been sleeping with Barnie for more than a year, off and on. He wasn’t much for talking, but so what? He was reliable, faithful, and good in bed. I knew exactly where he was most of the time; he didn’t look at my girlfriends, didn’t have a mother, never argued, didn’t expect me to cook and clean, and performed at my command. What more could a girl ask?

More importantly, I was sure he’d never hurt me, and perhaps that’s why I chose to spend my nights with him. But I learned the hard way: nothing is ever perfect.

The damn thing malfunctioned, went into overdrive, and I could barely sit down for a week. Cheap Asian product–I bought it through eBay too.
There you have it. It was fun while it lasted, but as in any good relationship that sadly ends it takes awhile to move on.

I’m proud to say that I have done so. Yes, I replaced my old toy Barnie, and now I have something warm and wonderful beside me in bed. This required a great deal of courage and lack of negativity on my part. I had to learn to trust, and to open my heart and not to be afraid. And it’s still a whole lot scary.