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At First Sight (Wounded Warriors Book 3)

NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author, PATRICE WILTON, is delighted to offer Book 3 in the Wounded Warrior series.

War veteran Brent Harrington, a helicopter pilot who lost his sight when he was shot down in Afghanistan, is now back home in the US and struggling to come to terms with the fact that his sight may never return. Natalie Connors, a beautiful young woman fleeing an abusive relationship and looking for a fresh start, is hired by Brent’s best buddy, another war veteran, as a home health care aide to help Brent adapt to his newly darkened world. Thrown together by fate, they take the first tentative steps toward love…

But when Natalie’s vicious ex tracks her down, can the passion and tenderness she and Brent share protect her?
At First Sight is a highly emotional story about two damaged people and the healing they must go through before they can commit and find their happily-ever-after.


  • Loved this book. Two people who are victims of circumstances. Hers was self-inflicted in a way as it was a former lover she feared. He was a victim of war, blind and feeling helpless. She came not only to try to help him but to heal herself as she helped him. He had no use for her help. They worked their way through the initial distrust and began a time of being good for one another. Her fear of the former lover, a policeman, was topmost in her mind. He could follow her easily. His fear of living a life without sight kept him angry and uncertain. Slowly a relationship of sorts began. Trust was being built. Still the wall of fear on his part and lack of trust on her kept things at a minimum.
    Eventually, strong feelings began to grow. Trust was iffy, but getting stronger, fear began to be secondary and even though he had no idea why she was afraid, he instinctively knew she was afraid. Finally, the one friend she trusted was attacked and brutally beaten because the ex-lover wanted information the friend could not give. All the time, he is having moments of hope for his sight.
    As things progress – the stalker ex-lover is getting closer and the possibility of sight is just beyond belief. She is reveling in the feeling of freedom, but he recognizes that it just is not so.
    Then the inevitable happens, the ex shows up when they are away from a safe area. All the defense training goes out of her head and he, of course is blind. This is a book I enjoyed, it kept me on the edge of my seat most of the time. ~BY JG Glass.
  • A gem of a story
    December 4, 2018
    The setup of this story is different from most stories. Natalie, escaping an abusive guy, hides out in California. She is hired to assist a blind veteran, who is not adjusting well. The story develops from there, in a well-written manner. A very enjoyable read. ~ by George
  • “Brent, military pilot, has been blind since his helo crashed into a mountain a yr ago. He’s cranky & having a constant pity party. His bff hires a live-in aide to help him adjust. Natalie is on the run from abusive ex & needs a job while she waits for a work permit to teach in France. The two got off to a rocky start but eventually, the relationship heated up. Rat-ba$!@rd ex locates Nat and the drama takes off…great story of re-discovery. Loved it.” ~by Darcy
  • “A bitter helicopter pilot who lost his sight in Afghanistan gets a new live-in teacher to help him adapt to his new life. Unfortunately, she is fleeing to safety from an abusive relationship. Their world’s collide in this book. I loved what the author did in this story and the twists and turns that she uses. I’m on to other books that she has written. ” ~by Satodg