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//Winners of Kindle Scout and Tweets

Winners of Kindle Scout and Tweets

The winners are:

  • Chris – ctkiely1@verizon.net  – a copy of the book
  • Annie – justcommonly@gmail.com – a copy of the book
  • “Just Commonly” <justcommonly@gmail.com>

Name: Betty Woodrum
Email: woodrumbetty@gmail.com – a copy of the book

Name: Lisa Gillim  $25. GC
Email: mommalisa125@bellsouth.net

Name: Denise Toups – $25. GC
Email: minnie725@live.com

Name: Sheila Brown – hero in my sequel named after her husband Ian Brown

Email: scb@bspsisters.ca

Name: Tina Myers – will be named in the sequel.

Email: grandmatinaof2@gmail.com

Name: Cynthia Keagan – audio book – AT FIRST SIGHT

Thank you everyone for nominating me and participating!

A very Happy New Year to you all — wishing you health, happiness and good fortune in 2016!


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