Sometimes the worst ideas can prove to be the best. Here are a few examples–WATER FOR ELEPHANTS — I mean if I went to a Romance writers conference and pitched that book – a young man runs off and joins the circus, he becomes an elephant trainer and falls in love with a beautiful young woman, the star of the show, but is married to a cruel man. They eventually end up happily-ever-after. You see what I mean. The editors would have rolled their eyes and this fabulously written book might never have become an enormous best seller.

Another perfect example is BREAKING BAD. Can you imagine pitching this idea to anyone. It sounded dreadful to me, but I finally broke down after the series had ended, and watched it. Well, it blew me away. Absolutely brilliant writing, and every episode ended with a Oh My Gosh moment — where I’d say, I can’t believe that just happened!

Next is 50 Shades of Grey. Terrible idea. No wonder no one published it, and that poor lady had to self put this title. Who would want to read about a billionaire who has a “red room of pain” and likes to whip, and spank, and do very bad things to his young, sweet heroine? Wow! Was I wrong again.

Now I have two perfect examples from my own writing. REPLACING BARNIE is about a divorce lawyer on fast track to make partner, and she’s out celebrating a big win with one of her clients at the Candy Bar, meets a hot guy, ends up in bed with him, the condom breaks and he’s her new client’s soon to be ex husband!! Oh my. Terrible idea. My biggest hit.

Another one of my bad ideas turned good is ALL OF ME. I wanted to write about a “bad boy” because I never had and never do, so I got this wild idea about a woman who has a daughter that needs a kidney transplant and her husband is dead. No one in her family is a match, but she remembers that her husband had a brother who was falsely arrested for a murder he didn’t commit and was living down in Australia. She’d find him, and if he was a match he could donate his kidney! She naturally falls in love with her B.I.L.  Bad idea?

My second best seller. I absolutely love this emotional story.

I’m sure you can think of several others. Please share your thoughts on the blog and be in the running for two e-books, or a small gift card.