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Handle with Care

Handle with Care (Wounded Warriors Book 2)

NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author, PATRICE WILTON, is excited to release book 2 in the Wounded Warrior series.

Shane Dawson, a medic captured and tortured in Iraq, is back on US soil, but now he must face his painful memories and personal demons.

Lauren Reynolds is a widowed ER doctor with a son, Josh, who has ADHD. When the two meet, Lauren thinks Shane is the most wonderful, thrilling man she has met in a long time. But her child’s welfare is priority number one, and there are very compelling reasons to stay apart. Will they be able to overcome their issues to find that once-in-a-lifetime love?

This is a deeply emotional story about two damaged people and the power of love, healing, and unconditional trust.


  • Wonderful 2nd book in the series!!!
    September 4, 2013
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
    I enjoyed this 2nd book in the series by Patrice Wilton!Shane and Lauren are two people who put on a front that they are okay/happy and do their job seriously, but what they don’t get is that they both deserve happiness and love! They deserve someone to protect, honor and love them for who they are.. and Handle them with care! 😉

    We met Shane in the 1st book and I knew I would want to know more about him. His exterior can come across as sexy and confident, but on the inside he is scared and insecure. He thinks people judge him by his “disability” due to being in war. I’m glad to see his has cleaned up his act and is taking life seriously, maybe too seriously.
    He meets the lovely Lauren and her son and things change. He forms a friendship with her son (it is sweet to watch) and the possessive side of him that comes out only for Lauren and he only has eyes for her! He likes her but thinks that she doesn’t deserve a man like him, who would?

    These 2 lost souls are perfect for one another. They work perfectly in the hospital together, her son adores him, they make each other laugh and so much more… the question is can they face past demons and try to more forward or will the past win?

    Handle with care is a sweet book! It showcase anxiety, pain, addiction, hope, redemption, trust, LOVE, friendships and so much more! ~ by TBOM

  • Great dose of emotions with passionate love
    September 19, 2014
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
    Dude Review: I’ve pretty much stopped writing reviews but wanted to make sure I put in my three cents with this one. I’ve read several books on retired servicemen having trouble adjusting back in normal life, so I’d like to toot my hornblower that this one was definitely above average. Before my review gets blowed out of proportion let me just add that I only suffer from depression, and for me to read the emotional turmoil both characters had to go through, especially Shane to kick the bottle, it touched me and this authors writing really helped me connect with the characters more than most, so this book is a definite top shelf keeper on your kindle. Decent amount of sexual tension–but more focus on their emotional struggles with a child in the middle, my fav mix. So please give this one a try, I already moved on to read the next character, Shane’s best friend Brent’s story – it’s already awesome so hurry up. ~ M. Qureshi
  • “I think Wilton did a superb job of portraying Shane; his loss is more noticeable because his body was damaged by war, but more to the point is what happens to a veteran’s mind and spirit after engaging in war. She covered that aspect of Shane’s struggle well also ~ makes me think this author has first-hand knowledge… ” ~ by Sandra King
  • I read all three books in this set and all were FANTASTIC! “Handle With Care” is by far my favorite of the three. The other two were just about as good. I loved Shane and Laurens story. I cringe when I think about the torture Shane went thru by the enemy and what he had to deal with afterwards. This is such a great book, one I HIGHLY recommend. ~ by Judith Tulloch